Bee Natural Wax Melts, Suffolk

I had absolutely no idea what a wax melt was until the start of this year, but then I started following Mrs Hinch on Instagram; Like many others, I instantly went out and bought a burner, I was hooked. I bought a couple of Yankee Candle melts to begin with and I also purchased some of the infamous Ava May Aromas melts, both lovely but I really am trying to buy local where possible, and knew there were a few small companies in the area making gorgeous wax melts. Like some sort of internet magic, one night whilst scrolling through the ‘gram, I came across Bee Natural Wax Melts. Bee Natural instantly drew me in, they made a product I wanted, were local (Lowestoft) and their branding is absolutely a bit of me!


Starting life as a lot of the best businesses do, as a hobby, means you can really feel the love and personal touch which goes into Bee Natural Wax Melts. A mother and daughter duo, Ruth and Amy, hand pour each wax melt and package the products in completely eco-friendly materials – perfectly suiting the current climate and calling for zero-footprint products. I love the fact that the pair have even planted a lavender border around their workspace to look after the bees, if only every company were this conscious! The wax melts arrive in genuinely the most beautiful packaging I have ever seen – with dried flowers, delicate tissue and even a little wooden bee attached to one of the melts, I couldn’t believe the detail and care which had gone into my delivery (which FYI fits through the letterbox – I told you, no detail has been missed!)

When it comes to the melts themselves, the theme of natural earth-loving ingredients continues with ingredients like lavender, chamomile, bergamot, dried wildflowers and organic coconut oil. The wax melts are split into two collections; Luxury Beeswax Melts and Soy Wax Melts, meaning there is something for every taste. I cannot urge you enough to pop over to the Bee Natural Wax Melts website and take a look for yourself, I burn mine in the evenings to help me relax after a long day in the office and I don’t think I could be without them now.

What are you waiting for? Practice some oh so important self-love and treat yourself, you know you want to!

Just Hollie xox

*This post contains products gifted to me, however it was my choice to tell you about them and I would 100% spend my hard-earned money on these melts, they’re lush.



3 thoughts on “Bee Natural Wax Melts, Suffolk

  1. Ruth and Amy says:

    As a new, local business we really appreciate you taking the time to mention us and try our products. It’s so important for us to link with local businesses and bloggers like yourself Hollie, we love to support our local area.
    Ruth & Amy

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