Reclaiming Interiors

The end of a job, a wedding, and an imminent move – it’s safe to say that I’ve had quite a lot happening in the past few weeks and there aren’t any signs of it slowing down. It’s likely that I will have relocated from Norfolk to Scotland by the end of the year (if you don’t follow me on Instagram you may not know this, but we are moving North for my husband’s job). I’m one of those people who really embrace change, and I’m really excited to begin this new chapter in our lives. And that is what this is, a brand new chapter as husband and wife, out in the world by ourselves making a completely new life just for the two of us. Preparation for this new life for me is not only practical things such as bills, finding a new job and anything else a big move entails but sorting out my possessions too, and thinking to myself ‘what do I want the new Hollie to own’? I don’t know the reason why but I really feel like shaking life up and using this as a chance to be the person I really want to be – a new and improved version of Just Hollie if you like. I’ve always known how I want my life to look but now I really have had a kick up the bum to not settle for less.



Bags and accessories all out on show – not even any clothes included in this pic apart from PJs!

Luckily for me, I didn’t have to start this process alone. I was lucky enough to be gifted a wardrobe clearing session with Reclaiming Interiors, a new business who specialises in decluttering, helping to organise your things and also offers interior design for your home. They pride themselves in ‘making you fall in love with your home all over again’ and this has really happened to me. I had Lauren visit and help me go through my horribly messy wardrobe and drawers, first deciding on what I wanted to keep and secondly sorting those remaining items back into my home’s existing storage but in a way which made much more sense than how I had it!
It was absolutely shocking to me how many items of clothing I had, as the process starts with getting EVERYTHING out onto the floor/bed before choosing whether to keep the item, sell it or donate it, one by one. I couldn’t have fathomed before Reclaiming Interiors visited just how much I had and that actually, I only wanted half of it. Lauren took away around 6 big bags of my unwanted clothing and accessories for me, and my wardrobes and drawers look like they should be some sort of shop and I love it. Already getting dressed to go out after Reclaiming Interiors had been was so much fun, it was like I was shopping my own wardrobe. Everything was done with so much respect too, there was no pressure to get rid of anything and it wasn’t an invasive process whatsoever – I now want my whole house done!


The finished wardrobe – doesn’t it look like a shop?!

It may seem strange to have this service before a move but actually, it is decluttering my mind as much as it is my house. Without so many things I swear I can think more clearly, and the thought of moving home doesn’t seem so overwhelming without the endless hoards of unloved possessions. Other services Reclaiming Interiors offer include; helping to downsize (mainly focused on people with a change in circumstances such as a recent split of a couple/an older person moving into a smaller home or nursing home), reorganising in preparation for a new baby, helping to sort through children’s rooms and their toys, moving home or helping to stage your home in preparation to sell it and make it look attractive to buyers. I think you’ll agree that, although not a mainstream service in the UK just yet, this could actually be an invaluable type of service as people get busier and women especially are expected to juggle home life and a job. I for one really underestimated the impact just decluttering my clothes would have and I’m genuinely now going to make my way through the house room by room and do the exact same thing – this way I know when I pack up to move up to The Highlands, I’ll be taking with me only things that inspire love and I’ll start my new life happy!

If you’re interested in using Reclaiming Interiors’ services, prices are set at £30 an hour for any day of the week and they cover the whole of EastAnglia. The link to their website is below – I’d absolutely love to know what you think about this type of service, let me know in the comments.

This post is about a gifted service but my views are honest and I genuinely encourage you to book in yourself, it’ll take a weight off your mind I’m sure.

Just Hollie xox

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