Book review: Reader, I Married Me!

What would you do if you took your dog for a walk and he unceremoniously shit out another woman’s g-string? I personally would’ve throttled my boyfriend with it and had a quarter-life meltdown, but then probably would’ve picked myself right back up and cracked on with my life, probably lunging into another relationship within weeks because I have always been a ‘boyfriend person’. Obviously, I’m happily married now so it has worked well for me, but my first thought when it came to reviewing Sophie Tanner’s fabulous book ‘Reader, I Married Me’, was that I never really was single after getting my first boyfriend in high school. Chloe Usher, the main character in the fantastically feminist plot, didn’t do the obvious. Instead, she married herself on Brighton beach in a kitsch ceremony full of self-worth and happiness – sounds pretty out there, no?

Reader, I Married Me!
In her semi-biographical debut novel, Sophie Tanner writes about the story of a young woman called Chloe who has had enough of men, had enough of the seemingly perfect couples who think anything other than the ‘normal’ family set up is obviously not what a woman wants and she had certainly had enough of people telling her what she could and couldn’t do.  I found ‘Reader, I Married Me’ a funny and charming way to put the microscope over the way we live our lives, obsessed with finding the perfect partner and almost always losing a piece of ourselves in that process. The book makes you want to celebrate YOU in all of your glory but not only that, it reminds you of the importance of friendship as a form of love and that it is one we should value just as much as romantic love.
You will love this book even if you think the idea of marrying yourself is slightly too far fetched – I don’t think Sophie is trying to make us all run out and put a ring on our own finger but just to look around us and realise that romance isn’t everything. It’s pretty wonderful yeah, but you could live without it, honest. I really enjoyed the humour and lightheartedness of the book, and if you enjoyed Dolly Alderton’s ‘Everything I Know About Love’ I can guarantee you will like this one too.

Sohpie Tanner's self wedding in Brighton

Picture taken from Sophie’s website

Although technically a work of fiction, the author Sophie Tanner has previously been in the headlines for doing exactly what the main character Chloe did in the book – Sophie did indeed marry herself on Brighton beach (pictured below). She did have her best friend dress up in a cardinal fancy dress outfit to carry out the ceremony and she did have her gorgeous labrador Ella there as ring bearer. It’s so Brighton it hurts, I know. Also, can we talk about how gorgeous a bunch of sunflowers is for a wedding bouquet – the above picture of the real-life ceremony radiates positivity. Sologamy, although not a legally binding marriage, is a rising trend with women like Sophie choosing to marry themselves in public and sometimes fairly traditional ceremonies. Did anyone watch the First Dates episode where 42 year old Mel let her date know before he’d had a chance to order his food that she’d married herself? She decided that after two failed marriages and then a brutal dumping on Christmas eve she would go ahead with her third wedding, but on her own. Shouldn’t we all be proud of who we are and have the balls to declare that you love yourself to the world without feeling you’re being self-indulgent? I’m not sure I’m quite there yet, but I certainly am closer than I was 10 years ago and that in itself is a wonderful thing.

If you would like to purchase your own copy of ‘Reader, I Married Me’ and let yourself in on the feel good vibes, I have linked to the Amazon store here and you can read more about the book and Sophie’s personal journey on her website linked here.

Self -love and sass always,
Just Hollie xox


*Book was gifted to me by the lovely Sophie Tanner, however, I was under no obligation to write a blog post about it and could review it honestly.
I will be writing a book review of all the books I read going forward – I read so much but never take the time to reflect upon what I’ve taken from them so I wanted that to change. I hope you enjoy my book reviews and would love to know if you give any of them a go!

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