Moving to Scotland – A New Chapter for Just Hollie

Merry Christmas one and all! Can you believe that it’s the 24th of December as I write this – where has this year gone?! If you read my blog post about my recent wedding you’ll already know there has been a lot of change in my life, but I have more to tell you about, so grab a cuppa (or mulled wine) and let’s catch up.

Just Hollie, moving home

I’ll start from the beginning; around this time last year my husband started travelling up to Glasgow for work around once a month, sometimes less. I won’t tell you exactly who he works for and where for obvious reasons, but he’s in the corporate world where travelling for work isn’t uncommon so we didn’t think too much about it at the time. He was enjoying his work and liked going up on the odd occasion to Glasgow and that was that really. Fast forward a couple of months to around the March/April time and there I was cooking dinner for us both one weekday evening, when Hubby comes home from work with a rather unexpected question. ‘You know I’ve been working with the team in Glasgow a lot recently and going up there for work, well how would you feel about moving to Scotland together permanently?’ – he’d been offered a job in the office he’d been visiting and wanted to take it. It was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up and would be great for his career – the only hurdle for him was convincing me! To be honest, it wasn’t completely out of the blue or a huge surprise, we had a feeling his job was heading that way but all of a sudden it felt real and actually, really bloody exciting. I had no hesitation in saying yes to the move because I had felt that my 9-5 wasn’t right for me any longer for a while and I was really ready for a life shake up too. So that was that, it had been decided quite easily and we were moving to Scotland! I don’t think he could believe how easily I had said yes and that I was willing to move to a different country for him, but we were getting married and I love him to bits – it was a good move for both of us and a chance for us to carve out our own little piece of the world away from where we grew up.Auchterarder-sunshine-Just-Hollie


Edinburgh’s Christmas markets

There was only one problem with our plan and that was the upcoming wedding. How was I supposed to finish planning it from 400 miles away, would we even be eligible to marry in the church we had picked and how could we keep to the time frame needed around the big day with having to travel backwards and forwards? In the end we were lucky, and Dan’s employer agreed that he could travel up for work during the week and stay in hotels, coming home for a few days over the weekend to see me and help plan the nuptials! This presented its own problems in the fact that I spent the lion’s share of the year home alone and poor Dan spent it in hotel rooms, but the knowledge that we were soon to be wed and then able to move up North kept up going – we are the sort of couple who live for a goal to work towards so relished the whole thing in the end.

We were married on the 5th October in a beautiful little church near our hometown and the big move was soon planned for 9th December – unfortunately not leaving time (or the energy) in between the two for a honeymoon but we are planning to go away next spring for this to Italy, so something else to look forward to once the dust has settled with moving! We travelled up together a couple of times to house hunt (bearing in mind I agreed to move without ever having set foot on Scottish soil) and it wasn’t until mid-November we actually chose the house we wanted to live in, or even the town, so to say it all felt like a mad rush these last couple of month is an understatement. I’m pretty good with change for a girl who is a ball of anxiety a lot of the time, and I can’t say that I ever felt daunted by moving somewhere not knowing anyone or away from family. My mum lives down on the South Coast anyway and Dan’s family are spread over the country, so it feels relatively normal to be far from the people we love. Obviously, I will miss my best friend like mad and the other family and friends I do have in Norfolk/Suffolk – but I can’t wait to host them in The Highlands and have fabulous days out with them. The location we’ve chosen for our hometown is Auchterarder, which is home of the gorgeous Gleneagles hotel and resort, and is a very central location meaning we’re only an hour from Edinburgh and even closer to Glasgow – yet it’s remote enough to be near Lochs and Castles, so there’ll be so many lovely places to show people over the years when they come to visit. Norfolk will always have my heart but both me and my husband always said we didn’t want to begin and end our days there – and how exciting to explore somewhere new together as newlyweds!


So there you have it – hopefully that answers a few questions on why the hell my Instagram posts have gone from brunch in Norwich to fields in Perthshire – but I hope you’ll stick with me as I’m still the same food loving, selfie taking, nature worshipping gal I’ve always been, just with a new postcode. Sitting here writing this, having been here for two weeks, I can still say I have no regrets. I start my new job on the 6th of January (incidentally that’s my husband’s 30th birthday – how has that happened?!) which I cannot wait for – it will be nice to meet people from the area and get to work on making lots of new friends hopefully. I’ve also nearly finished setting up my new freelance writing venture which is something I’ve wanted to kick on and do for years – so it’s exciting times here really! I have had to have a word with myself a few times and try not to get overwhelmed with it all, but with a lot of yoga, exercise and relaxing baths, I’m coping.

On that note, I’m off to see what my other half is cooking as it smells like Christmas on crack in my kitchen and I am here for it. Have a great one, you’ll be hearing from me around New Years as always, as I begin to think about what I want to achieve in 2020.

(YES, I am a New Years Resolution maker; if you can’t dream big for yourself noone else is going to! Read my last New Year’s related post here).

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep updated and to see some gorgeous pictures of my new home town – Scotland is really stunning, isn’t it?

Merry Christmas (Eve),
Just Hollie xox

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