Vive Wellness – Vitamins Delivered to Your Door


When family-run vitamin company Vive Wellness reached out to me to ask if I’d like to try a month’s worth of personally selected supplements delivered to my door, it was a no brainer. I love to try a new health product and I always take vitamins and supplements of some sort, so I was keen to see how this company was different. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Vive, so I thought you’d like to hear about them too as I think a lot of you reading this will really love the product. Also I must add, has there ever been a better time to get vitamins delivered to your very doorstep? I think not (stay indoors please people!).

The Vive Wellness journey starts with a quiz, answering lots of questions about your current lifestyle and diet, and also questions about areas you’d like to see change. The quiz was a good length and I really felt they asked a lot of varied questions to get to the bottom of which vitamins were best for me – the questions varied from asking about my physical health, current diet, mental state and things such as any pre existing conditions or issues I may have. Once you’ve finished the quiz, you get a score out of 100% for how healthy you are in your lifestyle and also your diet – they also generate you a report which goes into detail about what you’re doing well at and details any issues or gaps it sees and suggests ways to be healthier. I’ll pop a screenshot of my results below – I’m fairly happy with 71% & 72%, however there is room for improvement in my health and wellbeing, and this is detailed in the reports for me.


I really like the way Vive Wellness tailors the vitamins it sends to you and also that the reports give you advice and tips to get healthier outside of their products – the whole experience gives you the feeling they are a knowledgeable and responsible company genuinely wanting to improve people’s lives.

After reading through my quiz results and my wellness reports it was then time to check out the vitamin recommendations and see what I was going to be sent. I get so excited to try anything new which looks as if it’s going to improve my wellbeing or health in any way so I was genuinely intrigued to see what they were suggesting for me – I’m a health product addict so trust me when I say this company is good – I’ve tried a few haha!

My recommendations were as follows:
The Heart Supporter – Omega 3 and D3 x 1 a day
Immune Booster – Vitamin C & Echinacea Blend x 1 a day
The Chill Pill – Magnesium & Rhodiola Blend x 2 a day

I was pleased with my selection and thought Vive Wellness had got it spot on, however if for whatever reason you weren’t 100% happy with the results, there is an option to edit your monthly pack and there are a few different options to choose – all still based on your quiz results.
Now here’s the best bit and quite honestly my favourite part; the vitamins come neatly packaged in a Tiffany coloured tube, and in that tube are individual tear off packets WITH YOUR NAME ON. Oh yeah, this Hollie spelt with an ‘ie’ gets very excited when she gets anything with her name on it. Aside from being sassy as hell, the individual packs are really handy, firstly to help you remember to take the vitamins each day but also if you’re travelling or want to just chuck the pack in your bag it’s so easy to do so.

So that’s the service you’re getting – personalised packets of vitamins delivered to your door via a monthly subscription which can be cancelled or changed at any time. But do the products work? YES! I genuinely think the products are brilliant quality and could feel them working after a few days – I felt brighter, calmer and generally clearer of mind. If you read my last blog post you’ll know I had been feeling very anxious and not myself at all in the first couple months of the year, and I definitely think my ‘chill pills’ helped me get back on track mentally. Magnesium is a wonder ingredient I think we should all be getting more of, I certainly felt the difference.

I would urge you all to take the free quiz and have a look at your own health scores and reports – it’s a great way to get an overall picture of your health and to take steps to improve it – there is no obligation to buy the vitamins at the end of it. However if you would like to try Vive Wellness, it’s a great time to plug the gaps in your nutrition and get them delivered to your door – I hope you are all staying safe during this strange time we’re living in! I do have a discount code for £10 off your first pack – use REFNGBA2UTRVN at the checkout (their website is linked below).

Just Hollie xox

*Product gifted by Vive Wellness, however views are my own and I always say what I really think!

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