Who is Hollie?


Hi! I’m Hollie, 27, natural(ish) blonde living in Perthshire, Scotland, with my husband.
Although now living in The Highlands, I’m originally from Norfolk and spent 26 years there, loving every minute. You can expect reviews and features from both the East of England and from bonnie Perthshire – and to be honest anywhere in between! I’m a lover of the British Isles and never stop discovering new and exciting places to visit.

This blog is a cross-section of everything I love and everything which makes me just Hollie. From countryside living, cooking, reading and beyond, I’m just a normal girl in her twenties trying my best at life – and hoping you’ll join me for the ride. I’m a retired hair stylist too, so although I would never class myself as a fashion or beauty blogger, I like to dabble from time to time – what can I say, I’m a real mixed bag.

Unfortunately I am not a full-time blogger yet (as much as I would love to be) so I do work 9-5 managing a boutique in my local wee high street. My blog is first and foremost a hobby and a way of expressing myself whilst doing what I love – writing. I’ve always had a passion for the written word and think it’s a great way to express ones self, whether that be emptying my thoughts into a blog post or taking on my latest creative writing piece just for fun. I’m lucky enough to regularly contribute to local magazines, guest post for other wonderful bloggers and I work with some fantastic brands to write advertorial pieces too.

To finish, I’ll list 3 things I love and I’ll also describe myself in 3 words (harder than you think!):

My loves… Harry Potter, almond butter and the sunshine on my skin.

Three words to describe me… Introvert, content and reactive.


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