My gym bag wishlist

If you follow me on Twitter (@JustHollieBlog) you will have seen me gushing about the fact I joined my local gym this week *yayy*! I have joined gyms before but always the cheapest one I could find and this meant not really enjoying it and inevitably stopping going. So this time I have joined one which includes classes in my membership and I really feel this has given me a boost – they’re so much more fun than just slogging it out on a treadmill for 45 minutes on your own. I also go with some friends from work and we really spur each other on and give each other ideas of new things to try. As you can probably tell, I’m feeling real motivated and positive about exercise at the moment, long may it last is all I can say! I know it isn’t a huge amount but I have lost 4 pounds in the week since joining and that is just the kick up the bum I need to keep going. I am also hoping to enter a local 10k run next week when entries open, Run Norwich. This will be the third time the city has put on the event, I ran in the first one in 2015 and it’s such a fab one to do. The route goes all throughout the centre of the city and looking at the sights distracts from the torture of the run haha! The 10k is in August so I have got a while to get my running groove back (read come out of hibernation) but with that and the gym, hopefully I’m gonna boss this fitness thing this year! Eeeepp!

But here’s the thing, with going to the gym 4/5 times a week and running too – I haven’t got enough gym clothes to wear! Excuse to buy new sassy kit? I think so!! There are so many bits I want to buy over the next few months (money tree anyone? Would be gratefully received) I thought I would share my wishlist with you all so you can too drool over it!

At the top of my wishlist is literally every piece from Charlotte Crosby’s activewear range with I am an unashamed fan of Geordie Shore – I know it’s trash but it’s addictive trash – and I think Charlotte has done really well to transform herself from ladette to gym bunny and her designs are lush! I have only recently discovered In The Style and their prices are great, so it would be rude not to treat myself, right? This range is selling out fast so I’m going to buy these asap!

You can’t squat with us vest – £12.99

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Pre-Christmas body panic, sorted.

It’s about this time of year that I go into pre-Christmas panic. What do I mean by that? Well, so far I have a night out in Newcastle with the bestie planned, my works Christmas party, a day out to Harry Potter Studios with my other half and then there is Christmas itself, followed by New Years. Oh and a week after that, Daniels birthday. You may have guessed what these all have in common – there will be pictures and lots of them! Yes, it was about 3 weeks ago I came to the realisation I am TOTALLY out of shape and looking more like a Christmas pudding than a present anyone would want to unwrap. The novelty of having short hair has long warn off and I pray to my follicles daily to hurry up with growing it back.  It is safe to say my confidence is at a pretty low point right now.
But, this isn’t a post to say oh look how fat and down in the dumps I am, it is me announcing to the world (well, the small fabulous section of the world who read my blog *love you*) that I am doing something about it; a little for encouragement and a lot so I have to follow through and can’t go back to my current ways. So if i’m not on Twitter in a week or so’s time saying how great I feel since I started being more active and eating right, hunt me down!

Photo 02-07-2016, 14 33 58.jpg

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The caped crusader

So, I’m writing this post basically just so I can indulge myself and have an actual purpose to my relentless online window shopping. It would seem, I am becoming *slightly* obsessed with any garment with a cape at the moment; I am aching for it to be autumn again just so I can wear this lovely lot. That is very unlike me I must say, I am usually a summer or nothing type girl – freezing in November because I refuse to give into the layers of clothing one is meant to wear in the colder months – but not this year. This year I find myself wishing for layers, knits, boots and all things autumn, maybe because I am getting older and appreciate the seasons a little more? Who knows. But what I do know is that you won’t regret buying any of the below as it is all gorgeous and you are all superheros in my eyes, so why not wear a cape? I do hope you have noticed by the way, in all of my wish list posts I do try and keep the items as cost effective as possible – more money for prosecco/mac/uber – life’s all about balance after all, right? Continue reading

On screen fashion: A list of the best 

Do you ever watch something, say a film or a tv series, and the fashion is so good and the women look so glam you question what you’re doing with your life and why don’t you look like that? I love this feeling, there is nothing I like better than a bit of fashion porn. So I have put together a list of my favourite ever films/tv programmes that make me want to go out shopping right now and book myself into every salon in the local area for various stages of a makeover. Continue reading


Summer Style
It’s raining. I’m cold. Tomorrow, believe it or not, is June. Bearing all of this in mind, I thought it would be the perfect time to write my #BeachDayMusts post!
When lingerie brand Adore Me (website here) approached me to write this post as part of their summer campaign to find bloggers ‘must haves’ for the beach this summer, my mind instantly started to wander. The heat on my back, the sound of laughter as people enjoy themselves in the waves, the cocktail I am sipping on the beach….. And then I snapped out of it and realised the closest I have been to a sunny beach lately was the makeshift sand box on South Bank at the weekend. Sigh. But, I can share with you what I would take if someone were to suddenly whisk me away to the Seychelles as a suprise with only a few hours to prepare. There is more chance of David Beckham proposing to me in the next 24 hours but I’m a glass half full kind of gal so here’s hoping!

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Alexa Chung for M&S

So when I heard Alexa Chung was collaborating with Marks and Spencer I was a little baffled at first to be honest; She has become a fashion icon synonymous with British style in recent years and you would expect her to be collaborating with the likes of young brands such as Topshop or H&M. But digging a little deeper I was pleasantly suprised to see she was actually delving into the archives of M&S fashion and reworking and incorporating pieces/styles/prints from years gone by.  Continue reading

Happy birthday Ma’am!

God save the Queen, God save the Queen!

I love the royal family, always have. I think we are so lucky to have them; they are iconic and resolutely English. They bring hope, happiness and prosperity to the country and are not to be taken for granted. Not only that, but Harry is so fit I could cry and little George makes my heart melt every time I see his cute little face. Dan (my boyfriend, for non regular readers) has cooked dinner for Charles and Camilla and I squeal every time I think about it! Then there is Kate. Katherine Middleton is a goddess compared to us mere mortals.

I won’t keep boring you with how much I love the royal family and cut to the chase. To celebrate Lizzie’s 90th birthday I have rounded up pictures of my favourite royal outfits and collated them below. Just because I want to and I can. I’m off to pet my imaginary corgi’s and sip tea with my pinky in the air. Good day to you xox Continue reading

Ooo la la… Nice knickers!

It’s the weekend, YAY! My other half is at work all weekend and this has led to a little alone time – bliss. And with alone time comes self reflection and time for a slab of self indulgence. I like to do the things I cannot do when he is around (well, I could, but there would be not a shred of relaxation) such as paint my toe nails, re-organise my makeup drawer and have a clothing amnesty. The latter is what brought me to this post… Continue reading

You don’t get many of those to the pound…

If I had an actual pound coin for every time a woman said to me “You are so lucky to have big boobs, I would kill for mine to be like yours”, I would be able to march right on into House of Fraser this weekend and buy the Mulberry bag I’ve wanted for the last ten years because I would be a rich lady. Women ask to touch them, men do not always ask but low and behold they want to touch them. The truth:I hate having big boobs!!! If you are reading this and you think I must be mad, find someone with a rather large chest and ask them if they like it. I guarantee most will say the same as me – it is an absolute burden!

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Spring Wardrobe Wishlist

I was strolling around town on my lunch break today when I nearly choked on my calorie laden chai latte (don’t judge I know they’re awful for you) as there was blossom on the trees!! If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am longing for the summer and the sunshine to grace my Morticia Addams like pale face! I got to thinking about my spring wardrobe and what I will be purchasing when I finally get to shed a few layers, so below is my list of dream purchases for the upcoming season! Whether or not they all make it into my basket it entirely relying on how many glasses of wine I have on Friday night and if my bff convinces me I cannot live without it all (everything I buy is someone else’s fault obviously, peer pressure is a bitch). Would love to hear about what you are all buying for this spring/summer – is there something I haven’t come across yet which you think I should see? Send me a message! Enjoy xox Continue reading