A perfect day in Sheringham

Hello you lovely bunch!

Apologies it’s been a while, doesn’t time just fly by? As always I need an extra few hours a day to fit everything in (and when I say everything I do just mean sunbathing, drinking gin and having a 3 hour window doing nothing whilst my nail varnish dries).

I hope you all had a fantastic bank holiday in England, weren’t we lucky with the weather! I follow fitness influencer Madalin Giorgetta on Instagram and she made me laugh as it was her first time in England over the bank holiday and she uploaded to her Insta stories ‘I don’t know why Brits are always complaining about the weather it’s beautiful here’ – little does she know we’ve just survived a second ice age!

My partner Dan purchased a barbecue last Friday in preparation for the family coming down for the weekend so naturally I’ve eaten nothing but barbecued Quorn sausages and griddled, smoked asparagus ever since. I shouldn’t complain, he is an amazing cook and I love to dine al fresco – if anyone has any brilliant vegan bbq recipes I would love to hear them please! I’ve heard barbecued banana is delicious but never tried it, anyone had it?

The reason I’m blogging today is I really wanted to share my bank holiday Monday with you all as we went to the nicest place and I barely knew it existed; I couldn’t face knowing other people may be missing out! We went to Sheringham Park, which is about an hour away from my house (Bungay) and it’s on the picturesque North Norfolk coast.


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A rainy bank holiday in Lavenham

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Happy Easter everyone!
I cannot believe it is the 2nd of April today, where on earth has the time between New Year and Easter gone? I hope you’re all filling your faces with chocolate, I’m currently face down in a vegan chocolate cake (you can see a pic on the ole ‘gram) – it’s the first vegan baking I’ve done and it turned out really well so expect to see more of that going forwards! Also I have to share with you lovely lot, I’m currently listening to The Weekend’s new EP ‘My Dear Melancholy’ and it’s absolutely wonderful, I’m obsessed with his music.

Anyway before I veer any further off topic, Lavenham. I don’t know if you know, but I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I have been since that first book was released and I can’t step foot in Primark without leaving looking like I’ve been to some sort of convention. This was my initial reason for wanting to visit the small Suffolk town of Lavenham on Saturday. I don’t know about you but I like my Easter bank holiday weekend to be filled with walks, exploring and relaxation – often myself and Daniel will take ourselves off to a random town/city we haven’t been to before and go exploring. I had seen an article on Lavenham a few months ago and the topic was the Harry Potter film set.
The scenes in Godric’s Hollow, Harry Potter’s birthplace and house where he gained the infamous scar, were filmed in Lavenham! If you’re a fan you will know what I’m talking about, apologies if you don’t. Naturally anywhere which is anything remotely to do with Harry Potter draws me in, but it also was the pastel coloured medieval houses which I wanted to visit to see – hopefully you can tell from the pictures throughout this post why! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best for our visit so I will be making a beeline back there in the summer as the colours will look even more amazing in the sun. Continue reading

Blickling Hall, Norfolk

So I’m writing this on a kindle. I am not enjoying it, it’s safe to say, fellow bloggers do any of you ever post from a tablet or a phone?! In fairness, and this is not a joke, I’d had my old laptop since 2007ish so I can’t complain too much, but it died a few days ago so here I am waiting on the new one to arrive! It’s safe to say I won’t be making a habit of writing posts on anything but a real life keyboard – keep your new fancy technology!

So this is actually a belated post about the marvellous bank holiday Monday I had this week as I thought it might be of interest to my more local people who are reading this. I went with the lovely Daniel to Blickling Hall and Gardens, which is North Norfolk, about 20 miles north of Norwich. It was his idea and I must say, I was a bit sceptical at first, I thought it sounded like pensioners paradise. But actually it was bloomin’ bloggers paradise – the garden –  I nearly self combusted.  We started with a walk around the big stately house which I’m lead to believe is where Anne Boleyn was born, which is pretty cool, I do like a bit of history  now and then. The only room I can honestly say I was interested in was the library. It was something Belle from Beauty and the Beast would’ve been proud of, complete with wooden ladder you could whizz round on trying to look sophisticated and interesting. Think Audrey in Funny Face.

Now I’m not going to blab on much about the gardens as I took 16374  photos while I was there which speak for themselves really. All I will say is it was such a relaxing place I would definitely recommend going there on a spring/summer day. If you want to see the bluebells you’re best to go in April or May and all of the other beautiful flowers will be out then too. I would probably suggest paying for just the gardens and not to go into the house as it looks amazing from the outside but inside was pretty dull. I think just the gardens was £8 each and the house was an extra £4! Also check out the sausage rolls in the cafe, realllll good.

I’m off to drink a bucket of wine now after my kindle induced stress. Cya!

Just Hollie xox