A perfect day in Sheringham

Hello you lovely bunch!

Apologies it’s been a while, doesn’t time just fly by? As always I need an extra few hours a day to fit everything in (and when I say everything I do just mean sunbathing, drinking gin and having a 3 hour window doing nothing whilst my nail varnish dries).

I hope you all had a fantastic bank holiday in England, weren’t we lucky with the weather! I follow fitness influencer Madalin Giorgetta on Instagram and she made me laugh as it was her first time in England over the bank holiday and she uploaded to her Insta stories ‘I don’t know why Brits are always complaining about the weather it’s beautiful here’ – little does she know we’ve just survived a second ice age!

My partner Dan purchased a barbecue last Friday in preparation for the family coming down for the weekend so naturally I’ve eaten nothing but barbecued Quorn sausages and griddled, smoked asparagus ever since. I shouldn’t complain, he is an amazing cook and I love to dine al fresco – if anyone has any brilliant vegan bbq recipes I would love to hear them please! I’ve heard barbecued banana is delicious but never tried it, anyone had it?

The reason I’m blogging today is I really wanted to share my bank holiday Monday with you all as we went to the nicest place and I barely knew it existed; I couldn’t face knowing other people may be missing out! We went to Sheringham Park, which is about an hour away from my house (Bungay) and it’s on the picturesque North Norfolk coast.


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Summer Style
It’s raining. I’m cold. Tomorrow, believe it or not, is June. Bearing all of this in mind, I thought it would be the perfect time to write my #BeachDayMusts post!
When lingerie brand Adore Me (website here) approached me to write this post as part of their summer campaign to find bloggers ‘must haves’ for the beach this summer, my mind instantly started to wander. The heat on my back, the sound of laughter as people enjoy themselves in the waves, the cocktail I am sipping on the beach….. And then I snapped out of it and realised the closest I have been to a sunny beach lately was the makeshift sand box on South Bank at the weekend. Sigh. But, I can share with you what I would take if someone were to suddenly whisk me away to the Seychelles as a suprise with only a few hours to prepare. There is more chance of David Beckham proposing to me in the next 24 hours but I’m a glass half full kind of gal so here’s hoping!

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