Wedding series, 4: THE WEDDING!

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Credit to a wedding guest – our photographer is doing her thing in the background!

Hi, hello, bonjour. Just me, Hollie, a married woman here. Yes, you read that right – I GOT FUCKING MARRIEDDDDDD!!!!!!
To say I’m still not over it is an understatement, newlywed highs are 100% a thing. I thought I better round off my wedding series by letting you all know how the day went and I also really wanted to give a shout out to my amazing local suppliers – so if you live in Norfolk/Suffolk and are getting married I hope you find this helpful (list and links at bottom of post).

I’ll begin with a little play by play of the day, because we were the luckiest couple ever and everything went perfectly. This includes the weather as the very next day it absolutely TIPPED it down – I’m sure you saw the reports of flooding last Sunday and probably had a back garden like a pond yourself. Could you imagine if that was the weather on your wedding day, someone was definitely looking down on me for sure!
I got ready at my home with my mum and my best friend who was also my bridesmaid – I had one adult and two gorgeous nieces walk down the aisle with me, the little ones met me at the church as my sister in law is an absolute legend and got them ready for me. The morning was chilled and calm, with me surprisingly a lot less nervous than I had anticipated being, I think when it came to the day I was actually just really excited to get going and see Daniel at the church. They won’t thank me for saying it but I think my mum and bridesmaid had more nerves than me – I found myself trying to assure them that it was going to be a fabulous day and nothing to worry about! I feel honoured that so many people close to me cared enough to have such strong emotions about our day, something I will never forget. Continue reading

A day that is good for the soul…

You may or may not know but I live on the Norfolk/Suffolk border close to a town called Beccles. Recently, I moved from Beccles only 8 miles down the road, but none the less I am no longer in walking distance from the town. I grew up in Beccles and so spent 23 years of my life there and I can truly say it is buried deep within my heart. In the same, glorious weekend I finally got the keys to my little love nest away from home in August 2015 (blog post to come on being a young first time buyer) I also gave up my career in hairdressing and started working for a local business in an office based, much more formal role. So really, although it was all my own doing and it is fully what I want, my life changed almost overnight. Now I don’t know about you, but I am good with change. I never look back and I am full steam ahead with plans, dreams and ambition. That being said, sometimes you really do need to just ‘check out’ and do something which makes your heart smile and not have to think about ‘adult things’ … (No, not that sort of adult thing! I mean paying bills, when will I have a baby, can I afford the expensive fabric softener sort of thing).  Continue reading