Things to Do Before I Die…

About a month ago, I was in Norwich with my best friend Lauren and we saw a shop she really liked and so as not to forget about it, she grabbed out her phone and typed the name of it in a ‘note’ (ironically I don’t remember which shop). I know, cool story bro, but let me finish. After she typed this note, she glanced at a list of other notes in her phone and came across her bucket list. Excitedly, she told me that she composed this list about a year ago and had totally forgotten about it. Fascinated, I made her read me the entire list and as it was made a year ago, there were inevitably things which she had achieved and could delete (or metaphorically cross off). Some small things, some major life events – I felt really proud as she deleted things from her list and she looked so accomplished and content.

So at the time my friend probably didn’t think any more of this list as the conversation moved on and we carried on with our day, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of *dare I say it* jealousy that 1) I did’t have such a list and that 2) even if I did, what would I be crossing off? So it doesn’t take a detective to guess where this post is going; Yes, I am going to write my own bucket list. Right here in this post, as I think of things, whatever they may be. So please, no judgement, no laughing (as some may be ridiculous) and excuse the randomness as like I say, this is being made up as I go. I’m excited. Here we go!

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