Isolation Fitness Tips from Vicki Anstey


Hey everyone – how ya’ll doing out there?! I really hope you’re finding ways to stay sane and healthy during this time of social isolation and ‘lockdown’ – not something I ever thought I’d be writing about on this blog. Personally I am at home full-time currently, which is not ideal seeing as I was meant to be starting a new retail management job in March. That obviously had to be put on hold hence me being at home just now, but I realise that it could be a lot worse so I’m trying to make the most of my down time and enjoy it where I can. Like many people, I’ve been trying to fill some of my time with home workouts and getting fit and healthy as much as possible, so I am BEYOND excited to be able to bring you this post.

I have been sent some tips and tricks to share with you on fitness during these crazy times, and these tips come directly from the SAS Who Dares Wins and Barreworks bad ass Vicki Anstey. Vicki is the founder of the UK’s first barre workout studio Barreworks who offer the ballet style workouts from their studio in Richmond (usually, obvs not at the moment) and also offer online access to classes and videos via their website. I have done Barre workouts before and they are SO good for toning and building muscle, I’d highly recommend checking the Barreworks website out – I’ll link everything at the end of the post along with Instagram handles etc for you. You may also recognise Vicki Anstey from 2019’s series of Channel 4’s ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’, where she proved to viewers that women could be just as strong as men and made it all the way to the finals of the gruelling show. Businesswoman, fitness leader and Ted-talker? Yeah, I’m gonna listen to her advice, and here it is…

How to motivate yourself to workout at home
Set an alarm. Every two hours, get up and move around.Set yourself a 20 minute movement session 3 times a day, this will help break the day up and make limited resources (equipment) go further! Go up and down the stairs, use a box or ledge to perform step ups.

What types of workouts
HIIT, barre, pilates, yoga, animal flow, or if you have more budget, Peloton or The Mirror offer in-home high-tech fitness solutions. Or download a Tabata app or Sweat Deck to guide you and time your sequences.

What equipment
Sliders. A box for step ups, resistance bands, hand weights. You can even hire bigger pieces of equipment such as rowing machines or watt bikes. If you have a garden, try to get fresh air whilst your exercise. Knee ups, lateral bounds and jump lunges don’t require much space but will really get your heart-rate up.

Can you stay fit
Absolutely! Interval training can be a great way to maintain fitness – and you don’t need much space. Hill sprints, jump squats, burpees, skipping or fast push ups will have you sweating in no time.

Reducing anxiety over loss of fitness
It takes about seven to 14 days for your aerobic fitness to start declining. And what you lose initially is mostly the gains that you’ve made in the last several months of training. If you’ve been a life-long runner (for example) you will retain much of your aerobic fitness for several months. And there is plenty you can do to maintain strength with bodyweight exercises or using small equipment as outlined above.

How to move when you’re not doing steps
Necessity is the mother of invention, so they say, And if you are an avid outdoor fitness enthusiast or a gym addict who lives for their next 1 rep max, you are going to find this a testing time. But get creative, find inventive ways to get your heart rate up – work on smaller muscles groups if you cant get to the heavy weights. Change the stimulus – you can do A LOT with a resistance band, your own body weight or a skipping rope. Learn some new skills like double unders, handstands or see how long you can hold a wall sit. Work on your flexibility! Getting away from your usual environment and removing access to the gyms and equipment you may take for granted could open up a whole new world of potential!


Check Vicki and Barreworks out at…

I’d love to hear what you’re doing to keep fit at home, or if you aren’t doing anything and are using the time to chill I’d love to hear what you’re up to instead! We’re all doing what we can to get through this time and whatever that looks like for you, lots of love ❤

Just Hollie xox


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