Why I’ve Started an Arbonne Side Hustle

I’m a hustler babyyyyy. Side hustles – we hear about them all the time but what does it mean and why do I want one? And why Arbonne? I think we have a lot to catch up on…

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Why did I want a side hustle? Aka multiple streams of income make sense!

You will have hopefully read my post Moving to Scotland – A New Chapter for Just Hollie and know all about the fact that I’ve recently upped sticks and moved 400 miles from home to start a new life with my husband. All is well (aside from the CONSTANT rain) but it struck me when job hunting that to move so far, you kinda have to start again career wise. Whilst I willingly left my old job and I wanted to move here, it kinda sucked having to begin again at a new company and settle into a whole new working environment. I’m not the best at working in an office 9-5 anyway, it never has been very me, so I started to think about my options. Many of you may know I dabble in copywriting and am studying to grow that part of my life, and until I can make an income from that I am stuck in the corporate wheel. Or so I thought. I first head about Arbonne a while ago when a friend started using the products and I knew it was something I could get involved in; I love making connections through blogging and through socials, which is a huge part of being a consultant for a social marketing company, and I also love the wellness products which Arbonne sell. The company aside, that’s a different reason I started which I’ll speak about below, I realised I could build something which could be portable and mine. If I moved, Arbonne would move with me, and I would never have to interview/go into the office to work/restrict my life based on my job! So the plan is to build Arbonne up alongside my current full-time job and hopefully one day use that income to support my writing career and give up the office altogether. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and work from home, and I get very bored doing just one thing all of the time, so this is a real light bulb moment for me. Diversify your income, because you never know when you too might move or heaven forbid, lose your job. It’s not nice to think about but it’s true!

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Arbonne products are bloody fantastic!

So I decided I didn’t want to work for somebody forever and I knew I would need to do something besides writing to get the income I wanted, the next part was choosing a business which worked for me. There are so many multi-level marketing companies out there I had to choose something which I 100% believed in. Cue Arbonne. In their range is skincare, makeup and body products which are all amazing and have SO many benefits, but its the nutrition range which I’m the most excited about. I’m currently taking daily a mix of collagen and hyaluronic acid which is making my skin so glowy, and also the infamous fizz sticks which are an energy and vitamin boost which make you feel fab! I’ve got my eyes on the 30 days to healthy living plan which is all about cleansing your body in the healthiest way and also the range of essential oils are a piece of me. Basically, I’m my own products biggest fan and that’s exactly the way it should be. I won’t be flogging the hell out of a load of makeup I don’t even wear as that’s not me – I’ll just be sharing what I’m up to and helping other people to feel fantastic – happy days! The other big thing which made me choose Arbonne is the fact that I don’t have to order a load of product in and start delivering it myself, people literally just sign up online to become a preferred client of mine (which means discounts from srp prices), shop the products through my website and get it delivered as if they were buying through any other online shop. It couldn’t be simpler to be honest!

Detox Scrub, Detox Soak and Candle

Support, support, support

Arbonne reps mean business. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone who’s just started or the person at the top of the chain, the energy is so infectious and it’s a big part of why I joined. There is nothing better than having motivated, driven people to surround yourself with to give yourself a kick up the butt. The products themselves promote a positive mindset however so do the people promoting them! There are training sessions, podcasts, blog posts and much more just to make you feel great and feel ready to take on the world – it’s not all sales and product knowledge, it’s building an entrepreneurial mindset. There are reading recommendations and trips to fabulous countries – it sounds SO cheesy but it’s a lifestyle change becoming an Arbonne rep and such a healthy, positive one at that. I’m enjoying it so much more than I thought possible and if you need a little boost (alongside a boost for your wallet too) then I’d recommend getting in touch about joining as I feel the best I have in a long time right now. Long may it continue!

I hope that gives some clarity as to why I’m doing what I’m doing and I’ll thank you now for your support. I know not everyone is interested in or supports social marketing businesses but it’s the future baby! I’ll also pop the link to my Arbonne shop below if you want to take a look at the products further (highly recommend the Body Cleanse sachets, I’m currently drinking one and it tastes like sherbet lemons!).

Visit my Arbonne shop by clicking here

Just Hollie xox

Arbonne Mission Statement

Holkham Country Fair


Horses, shooting, classic cars, tractors and delicious food – what’s not to love? This is what I was lucky enough to be surrounded with when I visited Holkham Estate recently for their annual country fair! Held over the weekend of 20th and 21st of July, the yearly spectacle of Norfolk’s finest did not disappoint on my first ever time visiting, despite the downpour of rain we were unlucky enough to have on the Saturday of the show! If you’ve never been to Holkham Estate I highly recommend it, the grandeur of the hall and the beauty of the grounds never disappoint me – belonging to the Earl of Leicester, the 25,000-acre estate really does take your breath away! Continue reading

Recipes for the health conscious – Buy Whole Foods Online

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my own recipes for you all rather than reviewing other people’s food, so when Buy Whole Foods Online kindly sent me some ingredients to try I jumped at the chance to get the creative juices flowing! If you’re anything like me and spend hours browsing health food stores and love healthy, natural ingredients then you have to check out the Buy Whole Foods Online website – they have all kinds of ingredients in bulk, everything you could ask for – I literally have to stop myself buying everything on their site!!
I would just like to tell you a little about the company before sharing my recipes for their beetroot powder and juniper berries, as they have a lovely back story. BWFO was started in 2007 by two cousins who loved whole, healthy foods, and their first office was a garden shed! The two men worked from a shed developing the company for 4 years, before finally moving into larger premises in 2011. The business is now more as you would imagine a global enterprise to be, running from a large warehouse in Ramsgate and is growing all of the time! It’s such an inspiring story, I wish I had the patience and drive to do something like that but unfortunately for me if something isn’t an overnight success, I give up pretty quickly – something I’m working on.

Below I have two amazing (if I do say so myself) recipes for you using ingredients from Buy Whole Foods Online – I would love to hear from you if you do recreate these yourself – send me some pictures or tag me @justhollieblog on both Instagram and Twitter!

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Veganism and me

So you may have noticed (if you follow me on Instagram you will definitely know) that I have recently taken up following a plant based diet. This essentially means I am now a vegan, but honestly I try and tell people I’m plant based as for some reason when you tell people you’re vegan it can evoke unwanted reactions. If you too are plant based you’ll know what I mean!
But anyway, I’m vegan now and I wanted to speak to you about it a bit and about the reasons why. I’ll start from the beginning;

I used to be a vegetarian, from the ages of around 12 to 19 (I think, can’t remember specifics) and back then even at 12 I was always really health conscious and I didn’t like the thought of what meat eating did to my body. I found that the vegetarian life always presented so many more healthy options and that naturally I gravitated toward foods which were better for me. I lived off green tea, fruit, grains and lots of other deliciously healthy things.
But then at around 19 I thought I would go back to eating meat, honestly very influenced by my boyfriend at the time (toxic, awful guy!!) as he was a chef, I was impressionable and he pretty much convinced me that I was missing out by not eating meat. I was discovering my love of food and cooking at that age and I really did think that maybe I could make much more adventurous and ‘chef like’ food if I included meat. So gradually I re-introduced all meats back into my diet and actually went too far the other way and ate everything an anything and put on around 3 stone over a couple of years (he also really liked chinese takeout which naturally meant I really liked chinese takeout?! Honestly what is wrong with teenagers – girls, never let boys tell you what to do).

Thankfully that relationship went south and shortly after I got with my lovely Daniel, whom is now my husband to be (eek!). God love this man as he encourages everything I ever want to do and always gets behind the latest ‘thing’ I’m into – trust me there have been a lot of ‘things’ – knitting anyone?
Obviously, when I first spoke to him back in Autumn last year about wanting to go back to not eating meat, he was his usual kind self and told me to go for it – on the condition I didn’t make him do the same haha! But after reading a few bits and seeing a lot online about the health benefits of veganism I decided to go balls deep and go fully vegan. I thought well I was vegetarian before, so the not eating meat thing won’t be hard for me and there are so many dairy alternatives now why not give it a go?

I never thought it would change my life in the way that it has. Not in a ‘I’m now a millionaire living in St Tropez’ kind of change but a ‘I feel happy, content and back to my true self’ kind of way. I’ve read a lot of vegans feel like this after they make the change, like it makes them feel a more rounded, true version of themselves. I’m aware of how hippy dippy that sounds, but it honestly is that case (I would’ve rolled my eyes too previously, I know). I have lost weight (a stone to date), I eat WAY more veg than I used to, I enjoy cooking more as it forces you to be a little more creative in the kitchen and I just bloody love it.

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