Oysters in Orford

Picture the scene: It’s Saturday morning, you’ve slept in (rare treat), you check the ole BBC weather app and it tells you that you have approximately 4 hours until you need to get Noah on the phone and check into the ark. What you gonna do? Go on a mini adventure, of course! I mean, you could do adult things like clean the house, weed the garden, blah blah blahhhh but isn’t life too short for all of that whilst the sun is out?

I may or may not have mentioned in previous posts that my lovely other half Daniel used to be a pretty fine chef and one of the places he worked was The Crown and Castle, Orford. So when I asked him what he would like to do for the few hours we had until the rain came, he suggested hopping in the car for lunch and a stroll around his old stomping ground. We live around 45 minutes from Orford, which is in Suffolk near Woodbridge if you aren’t familiar with the area. Continue reading